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Wyndham Park Nursery School

Chinese New Year

Last week we had a fantastic week learning all about how and why Chinese New Year is celebrated.

Our story of the week was... 
The Great Race: A traditional tale about how a Chinese Emperor created a calendar, naming each month after a different animal.

At group times we have been.... 
Learning all about Chinese New Year. Here are some of the things we have done...

Watched Cbeebies 'Let's Celebrate, Chinese New Year.' 
Prepared our own Chinese style noodles, learning how to carefully cut food with a (child friendly) knife. 
Tasted some typical Chinese food and experimented eating with chopsticks. 
Listened to some traditional Chinese music and then experimented to create our own music. 
Had a go at Dragon dancing. 
Tried to draw dragons, thinking about what features dragons have. 
Looked at where China is and learnt about The Great Wall of China. 
Built our own Great Wall of China looking closely at how the bricks fitted together to create a sturdy structure. 
Acted out the stories we have shared. 
Had a go at using tools to prepared our own tasty vegetable noodles. 
Looked closely at Chinese writing and attempted to recreate letters using black paint and brushes.