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Wyndham Park Nursery School

Our first Park Walk this year

We have been on our first Autumnal park walk! 

We had to learn and remember lots of things to keep us safe. First we practised using the special walking rope. We all hold onto the donut shaped circles and follow one another. We thought it was a bit like travelling together on a bus. We had to be listening all of the time, because if one of us stopped we all needed to stop so that we wouldn’t bump into each other. When we wanted to explore further Rebecca blew her whistle and we all crouched down and placed the rope on the floor to explore. When we heard the whistle again we had to go back to the rope.
As we walked we noticed lots of different things. Rebecca asked us to use our eyes to look and our ears to listen and share what we noticed.
Nell, spotted some pigeons in the distance. So we decided to take a closer look. We decided that we needed to walk quietly and slowly so that the birds wouldn’t be scared. As we walked the pigeons walked too! They were walking away from us! Then they suddenly flew away.
Francis told us, “I can see trees.”
Jennifer told us she could see leaves. We looked up and down and all around.
Finnley spotted a nearby tree and told us, “the stalk that’s in the ground is brown.”
Rebecca told us that the brown bit going into the ground was called a trunk, the same as the elephants trunk and that the brown part on it was called bark, like the noise a dog makes.
Rebecca asked if we would like to feel the bark on the trunk. She blew the whistle and we all had a go touching and looking closely at its rough cracked surface.
Freya crouched down feeling the trunk with her hands, “all the way down to the ground,” she commented.
Rebecca asked us to look high up into the tree and then at the ground, “There are leaves in the tree, but hang on why are there so many on the floor? Are they growing down there?”
Alfie told Rebecca, “The leaves fell from the tree.”
“When it’s Autumn,” added Reuben. “When they are orange.”
“The wind gets them down,” Bethan explained.
We pretended to be the wind whooshing. Then Finnley noticed something else, “I can see the rain.”
“Oh yes, but why aren’t we getting wet?” Rebecca asked.
Jennifer knew, “we’re under the tree!”
We decided that the tree was like an enormous umbrella and that we could go in the rain with our hoods up. Rebecca asked us to look for leaves, we each had a go at finding our favourite leaf. Rebecca wanted a red one, but we didn’t find any so she led us into the rain and we began to sing, “We’re going on a leaf hunt, we’ve got to find a red one, what a rainy day, but we are having fun!”
We found all sorts of different coloured leaves, we found different shapes and sizes too. Some were curved, some pointy and some even looked like fingers on a hand! We held onto the ones we liked the best.

We also went onto the bridge. We looked into the river and saw the ducks. We noticed that the raindrops were making circles on the water. Some of us dropped our leaves into the water and watched them float away on the current.

Next we were challenged to search for the biggest leaf, before heading back to Nursery. We told Rebecca the way and she asked us to try moving our feet in new ways to make different sounds on the path. We went stomping, shuffling and tiptoeing.

We had a great time and have collected lots of interesting leaves to look at back at Nursery.