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Wyndham Park Nursery School

Parental Contributions

Parental contributions to educational activities for school year 2018/19

Over the course of the school year, we ask parents to help us cover the costs of ‘extra’ activities (we call them enhancements) through voluntary donations.  We do appreciate that sometimes it feels as if we are asking you for money far too often!   Therefore this year we would like to give you the opportunity to pay a ‘one off’ amount of £25.00 to cover all of the ‘extra’ activities (such as music and sports sessions, a visit from ZooLab (a live animal handling session) plus a Christmas and summer party.  The cost for siblings is £25 for the first one and £20 for any subsequent siblings.   This cost is an estimate for the year and any shortfall will be subsidised by the school.  If the income received outweighs the costs paid out, we will refund the difference.  A letter will be sent to you once your child has settled into nursery with details of how to pay.

The annual summer family trip is not included in this amount, as costs are dependent on numbers attending.  However, later in the school year we will be fund raising; the proceeds of which will subsidise the summer trip and reduce the overall cost.

In addition, we would be grateful to receive a £2 voluntary contribution into the ‘blue bird’ moneybox in the classroom each week.  This helps to provide your children with a range of healthy snacks each day and buys ingredients for our cookery sessions.  If you would prefer, a cheque for the term can be made payable to ‘Lincolnshire County Council’ and given in at the office or online using your Parentmail account (minimum amount £12.00) once you have set it up or by childcare voucher.