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Wyndham Park Nursery School

Term Dates


School Term Dates 2019/20

Term Days
Term 1

Staggered starts for children from Wednesday 4th September 2019

(see individual start date in your child's pack)

  Last day Friday 18th October 2019
Term 2 Back to Nursery on Tuesday 29th October 2019
  Wednesday 18th December last day of normal sessions
  Thursday 19th December - Christmas Party Day! All children invited between 9am and 12pm for a party and Christmas show (No other sessions)
Term 3 Back to Nursery on Monday 6th January 2020
  Last day Thursday 13th February 2020
Term 4 Back to Nursery on Monday 24th February 2020
  Last day Thursday 2nd April
  Nursery closed for  staff training Friday 3rd April
Term 5 Back to Nursery Monday 20th April 2020
  Nursery closed Bank Holiday - Friday 8th May

Last day  Thursday 21st May 2020

Nursery closed for staff training on Friday 22nd May 2020

Term 6  Back to Nursery Monday 1st June 2020
  Thursday 18th June 2020 - Sundown Family Trip (no normal sessions)
  Last day of normal sessions - Monday 20th July 2020
  Party Day Tuesday 21st July 2020 - all children invited to a summer party 9am - 12pm