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Wyndham Park Nursery School

Values & Ethos

The aims and intent of Wyndham Park Nursery School are simple and clear.

We aim to

• excite children by preparing carefully planned activities and environments so that they want to learn.

• Engage children in activities and purposeful play so that learning is focussed and prolonged.

• In this way we will educate them so that they gain skills and knowledge at a rapid pace.

We are committed to ensuring that children are emotionally, socially and academically ‘primary school ready’ when they leave us. We want to ensure that we are fully preparing children for their next stage of learning.

The nursery is staffed by Teachers, Nursery Nurses and Teaching Assistants who have experience in Early Years Education and we also have staff who have expertise in working with children with Additional Educational Needs.

The nursery is well resourced but we continue to make it a high priority to ensure that the equipment and resources we provide are of high quality and provide value for money.

To achieve this we aim:

• To create a warm, caring and friendly environment for children and adults.

• To provide an intellectually stimulating environment that offers a wide range of experiences that children can develop through play, building upon the knowledge and experience that they bring from their lives outside the nursery.

• To promote and deliver a balanced educational curriculum in line with statutory guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage, taking account of individual needs and helping children to become confident, independent members of the community, able to communicate with adults and children.